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Sensum SYNC Access

SYNC Access takes your data files from your sensors to create one simple CSV file that can be imported into After Effects with the SYNC Adobe Plug-in.

Compress the Session directory (found in the “SYNC” folder on your mobile) as either a zip or tar.gz file. The file should be given a naming structure like <participant>_<session>_<notes> (the notes field is optional).

Then submit it below:

User Notes

  • Empty values denote where different sensors have not yet come online, or no sensor information is available for that sample time, and can be ignored.
  • The default sample rate is 2 Hz. This allows for easy visualisation and post-processing of the data streams.
  • Numerical samples are smoothed using an exponentially weighted moving average over a 10-second cycle, and in the case of multiple devices for a given metric value (eg. heart rate) are smoothed across this cycle.
  • If multiple entries occur within the same time sample in text fields (such as the tag and emotion columns) the entries are separated by the pipe character (“|”).
  • Participant-denoted emotions are prefixed with the @ symbol and entered in the tag field.

Biometric Data

The maximums and minimums for heart rate, breathing rate, speed and skin temperature are added to the tag field and prefixed with the $ symbol.

GPS Data (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Accuracy)

Latitude and Longitude are output in Degrees and Altitude is in metres above sea level. Accuracy is also in metres, denoting a circle of probable location at a given time.